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Title Name Number
Youth Services Division Lydia Lopez, Supervisor 385-9137
Youth Services Division Amy Corin, Supervisor 240-2782
Youth Services Division Melinda Meshad, Supervisor 385-9111
Youth Services Division  Esther Olifson  385-9148
Youth Services Division  Ruben Ramirez  385-8668
Youth Services Division Pablo Duran 385-8548
Youth Services Division  Gina Bauer 385-9146
Youth Services Division Jiann Pemberton 385-9105
Youth Services Division  Danielle Quintana 240-2758
Youth Services Division  Brandon Burton 240-2893
Youth Services Division Cynthia Munoz 385-9344
Youth Services Division William Champion 385-9151
Youth Services Division David Vahidi 385-9147
Youth Services Division Matthew Jones 385-9152
Community Services Coordinator  Carolina Ugarte 385-9174
Community Services Coordinator Vincent Sosapavon 385-9136
Support Staff Brenda Shirey, Supervisor 240-2737
Support Staff Vanessa Pantoja 240-2735
Support Staff Josephine Figueroa 385-8571
Program Manager  Noe Villa  385-9131
Program Administrator  Eileen Corona  477-5458
CSEC Program Coordinator Roxanne Brooks 385-1814


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