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Parks Rent and Fee Schedule

This document applies to all County Parks within Ventura County, whether controlled exclusively by the County, under lease with a private entity, or controlled concurrently with other governmental entities. This document undergoes an annual review process to ensure it remains operationally current and fees are maintained.

ArrowsRent and Fee Schedulepdf, which covers all operations and fees in all County parks properties.


No person shall use any County Parks facility without paying the appropriate use fees as required by the Board of Supervisors. Such use fees shall be paid to or collected by the appropriate County authorized representative, or placed into a vault or other official money receptacle for that purpose. Use fees are non-transferable.

Administrative Fees

An administrative fee of $10.00 shall be charged for any review of citations (tickets) incurred due to customer error (e.g., late payment of camping fee) or other reason that are voided and/or reverted to camping fees.

An administrative fee of $10.00 may be charged for any camper changing sites, if the Park Ranger deems it appropriate.

An administrative fee of $10.00 shall be charged for processing late payments of camping fees.

Online Payment for Campsites by Credit Card

Campers may pay for their campsite use fee with a credit card by utilizing the County's mobile payment system ( ). However, payments shall only be made when the camper is physically occupying the campsite; payment for a campsite before the payer physically occupies the campsite shall not be permitted and shall be grounds for removal from the campground and loss of payment.

Authority of Parks Services Rangers

In accordance with State of California Penal Code, Section 836.5 County of Ventura Parks Services Rangers are sworn Public Officers.  Parks Services Rangers issue warnings, citations, and may make arrests.  Parks Services Rangers are authorized, pursuant to Penal Code 836.5, to arrest a person without a warrant whenever they have reasonable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a misdemeanor, in their presence which constitutes a violation of those provisions of County ordinances and state laws which said public officers are authorized to enforce.

Interference with a Public Officer – No person shall intentionally obstruct or interfere in any manner with a public officer in the exercise of his/her duties. This is a criminal offence.


How long can I camp at a Ventura County Park?

Maximum stay is 14 consecutive days in county parks (with the exception of the Rincon Parkway). Campers must vacate the park and the County operated park system for seven (7) days after any length of stay before reoccupying will be permitted. Maximum length of stay in the County operated park system is sixty (60) days per twelve (12) month period, although an individual may stay a maximum of ninety (90) days total, if thirty (30) of those days are during the “off season” as defined by the Rent and Fee Schedule. The Director may designate any such park for extended lengths of stay, not to exceed thirty (30) consecutive days during “off-season”. Maximum stay for the Rincon Parkway is no more than 120 continuous hours or continuous fraction thereof during the period of 1 April through 31 October or no more than 336 continuous hours or continuous fraction thereof, during the period of 1 November through 31 March. Campers must vacate the county park system for 7 days (with the exception of the Rincon Parkway) before reentry. The Rincon must be vacated for 14 days during the summer (1 April through 31 October) before reentry to the Rincon.

Maximum cumulative length of all single stays in any one campground is 30 days during peak season and 30 days during the off-season, per calendar year.

County Parks are covered by two ordinances:

Rincon Ordinance (4505)pdf, which covers operations on Hwy 1 between Emma Wood State Beach and Seacliff Rd.
County Parks Ordinance (4504)pdf, which covers all operations in all County parks properties.

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