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About Us

The Parks Department is a department of the General Services Agency and is charged with the planning, development, maintenance, and operations of various recreational facilities through out Ventura County.

Parks is funded and operates through revenues received from user fees and State and Federal grants. The department is not supported by local tax dollars through the County General Fund. All user fees are retained by the Parks Enterprise Fund for the continued maintenance and enhancement of its recreational facilities.

There are some recreation facilities that are operated by private enterprise, through long term leases managed by the department. We hope you will visit one of our recreational facilities and have an enjoyable experience.


”Through the preservation and enhancement of park and recreation facilities within Ventura County and the delivery of world class customer service, we provide a diverse, high-quality recreation experience that is self-supporting and exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers.”


The Ventura County Parks Department will continually pursue an improved the quality of life for the citizens of Ventura County and other visitors by improving the quality of our facilities and services, while protecting the natural resources and beauty of our parks and historic areas.


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